Britain's Biggest-Ever Band has another gig - back on the sand in Lyme Regis on Saturday September 6th 2014 for GUITARS ON THE BEACH2.

Britains Biggest BandAll of the 2,267 guitarists who set the UK record for the biggest band in history are invited to play again.

And everyone else is invited to join us and try to make Britain's Biggest Band even bigger.

This time we'll be playing TWO songs - Buddy Holly's 'Rave On' again, and 'Rocking All Over The World' as performed by Status Quo.

And, for those practised players, this year, we are introducing the GOTB ADVANCED event where you will be able play along to a pre-arranged set of songs that will be announced here shortly.

GOTB2 will be a much bigger event. For starters we're teaming up with Mark Hix's Food Rocks food festival and there will be more food stalls and guitar buskers all over Lyme Regis.

And plans are in hand for much, much more, with the details coming here soon.

So, if you're one of the original 2,267 band members please tune up and come and play again. And if you missed the first gig, please sign up and join us in the band.

Thank you to Edward Mills and Bethany Tennant from the Sounds Live film crew have captured the essence of GOTB in this trailer from the 2013 event: